RunCam 2 (FPV Accessory)

$ 99.00

 With the success of the the RunCam HD, RunCam went back to the drawing board and started making improvements. Listening to the suggestions of their customers, the RunCam 2 was developed. The result is a 1080p 60fps camera that can easily hold its own with the likes of the Xiaomi Yi and The GoPro Hero4. 

 The new camera body sports a stylish new look with lighted multifunction buttons, a new lens hood and ventilation holes for cooling.  A redesigned battery door that resists popping open during a crash, keeping your SD card and Lithium Ion battery safe. The interior shielding of the RC2 prevents RF emissions, particularly in the 430MHZ range. This is notable for pilots using UHF radio gear. Charging the RC2 can be accomplished at any voltage between 5 &17 volts. You can use your cell phones charger, a computer USB, the accessory outlet in your car or power it directly from your aircrafts flight battery (2 - 4s). By powering the RC2 directly from your aircrafts flight pack you can remove the camera battery reducing the RC2s weight from 49 grams to a scant 35. The RC2s battery is 850mAh and provides 60 minutes of recording time at 1080p 60fps or 90 minutes running at 1080p 30fps. 

WiFi has been added to the RC2 to allow it to communicate with your smart phone (Android / iOS), using the RunCam App. 

With the RunCam App you can use your smart phone or iPad to control:

  • Video recording and photo shooting.
  • The time-lapse photography mode
  • Camera parameters and see live previews
  • Playback and download of videos and photos
  • And more

Available in 2 colors: Orange and Silver. 



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