Propeller AeroPoints

$ 6,100.00

Introducing AeroPoints

Get 12 months Propeller Basic Plan Access for FREE with every order.

Inbuilt PPK gives you global/absolute accuracy down to 2cm.


AeroPoints are waterproof, shock and weather resistant. Their LiFePObatteries are high temperature, impact, puncture and aviation safe.


One-button activation lets you use a wifi connection or a mobile hotspot to upload position data.


AeroPoints provide absolute positional accuracy down to 2cm. Rigorous testing showed AeroPoints to be as reliable as conventional surveying gear.




Anyone can use AeroPoints. Simple one-button control means your ground control is practically automated. 

It takes just seconds to set up a ground control point with AeroPoints, and your data will be ready almost immediately after upload.

  1. Position your AeroPoints evenly around your survey area and activate using single button.

  1. Fly your drone over the survey area.

  1. Pick up your AeroPoints. When they're in range of wifi or a phone hotspot, they'll automatically upload their position data, and then enter deep standby.

  1. Log into your dashboard and download the points to use in your regular processing software - or, even easier, upload your photos to your Propeller portal and use our integrated cloud processing engine to finish the job.

AeroPoints system integrates with Propeller's cloud processing and hosting

The best part?

If you'd rather leave the boring bits to us, just upload your geotagged photos to our cloud processing engine - your mapping will be precision geo-referenced and ready to share on your custom Propeller portal within 24 hours.

Order a set of 10 (300 acres) or a set of 20 (850 acres)


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