ParaZero Drone Parachute System

$ 2,100.00


Inspire 2 and M200 Series systems are Coming Soon!!

Autonomous Drone Safety

ParaZero’s SafeAirTM uses its independent sensors to monitor the drone’s systems and flight patterns to detect critical failures, and identify emergencies. During emergency an autonomous parachute system is activated. 

Fits Any Drone

Our SafeAirTM system is compatible to fit with any different aerial systems. The core technology is fully customizable and scalable to different weights and platforms. 

Safety First

The SafeAirTM drone safety technology is designed to meet and exceed future FAA safety standards.
Protecting the drone, the payload and people underneath. 

Commercial Aviation Reliability

SafeAir™ provides affordable commercial aviation reliability. Last resort, risk mitigation & energy reduction system.
Each system is heavily tested in multiple flight scenarios to provide drone recovery during all types of emergencies. 

Low Altitude Safety

SafeAirTM is No. 1 in low altitude, all angle effectiveness, deploys in fractions of a second with the least altitude loss.


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