FAA Part 107 Test Preparation Course

$ 295.00

Drone Services Hawaii offers a one day 10 hour course to prepare you to pass the Part 107 Operators Certificate Exam. Course Date is

25 JULY 2020 

LOCATION: Drone Services Hawaii

985 Dillingham Blvd Ste 300, Honolulu HI 96817

8AM - 6PM

Barbers Point Aviation is a CATS test center in Hawaii. We will assist with scheduling of your exam.

The course will consist of the following areas of study:

  • Introduction to Flight

  • The Flight Environment

  • Flight Planning

  • Exam Prep

Each area has a comprehensive number of modules to help prepare you for the exam.

The final part of the course will concentrate on drone flight planning and operations to include discussion on filing for COAs and NOTAMs for flight. We will also be discussing the new FAA initiatives for records, maintenance and flight logs.

You will be provided the following materials:

  1. Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: FAA-H-8083-25A (PDF)

  2. Hawaiian Islands VFR Sectional Chart

  3. Pacific Chart Supplement

  4. Practice 107 Exams

  5. FAA Part 107 Advisory

  6. FAA Part 107 Study Guides


Must be 16 years of age

Must be a U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien and pass a TSA background check  (Done by the FAA) after the test.

Bring a drivers license or passport to the course  


Courses on OAHU will be held at:


Drone Services Hawaii

985 Dillingham Blvd Ste 300

Honolulu HI 96817