$ 179.00

Product Description

The DJI Osmo Pro/RAW Z-Axis significantly reduces any vertical shaking or the bounce when walking or running with your DJI Osmo. This shaking from natural arm and leg movements when walking or jogging is reduced by the spring-loaded, shock absorbing mechanism which provides ultimate stabilization with a Steadycam-like feel. The new Z-Axis is only compatible with the DJI Zenmuse X5 and X5 Raw. For Z-Axis stabilization for your X3 or regular Osmo camera you would need the regular Z-Axis that was released a couple of months ago. The Z-Axis was designed for stabilization when walking or running and is not to be used for action sports. The Z-Axis is not compatible when using mounting options such as the Osmo Tripod, Extension Rod or Bike Mount.

The Z-Axis is NOT intended for action sports that involve extreme movement or to be used with other non-DJI devices.
The Z-Axis is NOT compatible with the Osmo Bike Mount, Extension Rod and Tripod.

Weight: 360g
Dimensions: 265mm × 70mm × 85mm

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