Consumer Priority Service Drone Insurance

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This page is for informational purposes only. Drone Insurance is in the dropdown for the product you are looking to purchase.


Insurance for your drone purchase is a drop down option for most drones we sell. See "What's included" below. 


Drone Insurance is available for new purchases on our site. We are proud to offer CPS Central as a full coverage carrier.

Terms & Conditions

1. The insurance contract is made between the customer and CPS, not Drone Services Hawaii. After purchase, customer should contact CPS for insurance and claim issues, but Drone Services Hawaii would like to provide help within our responsibility and capability to customers.

2. This protection plan only covers recreationally used or hobby drones, but does not cover commercially or business used drones.

3. There is a 30 days claim hold to prevent DOAs or manufacturer defects, and CPS coverage will begin on Day 31. Any claims that occur during that first 30 days would not be covered.

4. Plan covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, water damage, and everything in between, but do not cover lost or stolen or any add on accessories (not included in the original box from the manufacturer). Fly-away is treated as lost, which will not be covered.

5. Batteries and replacement propellers are not covered.

6. Customer should ship product(s) under coverage at their expense to CPS's depot repair facility to receive benefits from the coverage, and Drone Services Hawaii will not be responsible for CPS protection plan repairs.

7. Customer can file unlimited claims on the product(s), but coverage will cap out once the repair costs reach the original purchase price of their product, including whole unit replacement.

8. Coverage would be voided if a unit is lost.

9. If customer sells the drone, coverage can be transferred to the new owner via CPS. A $25 transfer fee will apply.

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