Video Production & Photography, 3D Mapping and Inspections


 Drone Services Hawaii is proud to partner with Island Film Group to bring the RED Epic W 8K camera for your movie, TV or commercial needs in Hawaii.

One team, One stop for planning, permits and production.

We are FAA Part 107 Certified and insured for commercial UAS operations. 

To schedule your production contact Krista Carella.

Email: or Phone: 808-798-1008



We also offer the DJI Inspire 2 with its ability to shoot 5.2K RAW Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes formats or the new X7 camera with 6K Full Frame Super 35mm.

Stay tuned for our new show reel.


Drone Services Hawaii is the leader in 3D Aerial Mapping in Hawaii with thousands of acres processed for customers. Contact us today for your quote to bring high accuracy aerial maps hosted by Propeller Aero for your use.

Drone Services Hawaii is pioneering inspection services and techniques with drone systems and sensors. We offer high resolution camera systems for photo and video as well FLIR for thermal inspections. We will continue to expand our capabilities to help Hawaii save time and money with their inspection needs. We will soon be offering the DJI M210 as our primary inspection platform with DJI Z30 (30x Optical, 6x Digital Zoom) and DJI XT FLIR co-mounted.


Construction Site Monitoring: Our team of insured and FAA compliant pilots are trained to provide top quality real estate and construction aerial videography and photography. We can assist in building surveys, building inspections, monitoring, before and after progress shots and more.  

Infrastructure Thermal (FLIR) Inspection: There are many significant economic and environmental requirements that Drone Services Hawaii is able to provide by inspections & monitoring of roof, solar panels, power lines, towers and others. With post mission analysis you can ensure the operational capability of your systems and structures.

3D Mapping & Volumetrics: Unmanned Aerial Systems, provide an integrated end-to-end Geographical Information System solution.  The reliable collection of high quality aerial imagery allows the specialist the ability to gather aerial imagery faster, more accurately and cost effective than other methods. Using Drone Services Hawaii's Unmanned Aerial Systems combined with Propeller Aero software and capturing aerial images, processing data using photogrammetry and computing stockpile volumes is quick, safe and significantly less expensive than traditional survey and measurement methods.

Environmental Monitoring & Protection: We provide the perfect tool for conducting a quiet operation and visual profile without disturbing the subject matter and the ability to capture high quality detailed images of wild life or research.