Something wrong with your drone? Need repairs or replacement parts?

Let our techs at Drone Services Hawaii diagnose and repair your drone from crashes or anything that may not be working. Our service fee covers you for all the time that our techs may spend working on your drone. If we need to replace any parts, we will first notify you. Parts are not included in the service fee.

Step 1) Purchase a service fee.

Step 2) Include a note inside your shipping box describing what the issues are.

Step 3) Write your Order# on the outside of your shipping box.
(Your Order# will be on you receipt after purchase of Repair Service)

Please include everything needed such as the Remote Controller.

Answer the following in the email sent for repairs.

Drone Triage:
1. Signs and symptoms : (give a description )
1.a Did drone suffer from water damage? (Yes or No)
1.b Was drone subjected to extreme heat? (Yes or No)
1.c Is there any visible signs of corrosion?
1.d Place current photo of drone conditions here?
1.e At drone motors start up, are all motors working equally?

2. Last firmware update :

3. How high did the drone crash from: (Estimate )

4. Where did you purchase your drone from:

5. Date of purchase :

6. What is the maximum amount of money you can spend on repairs?

7. Gimbal repair:
Photo of damage gimbal?
If any part of gimbal structure is broken in two pieces. We cannot repair.
7.a Bent or broken ribbon can be fixed.
7.b Gyro conditions are fixable.

Ship To:

Drone Services Hawaii Repairs
Attn: Jeff Tani
985 Dillingham Blvd Ste 300

Honolulu, HI 96817

Please include everything so a full operational test can be conducted prior to return.

Customer pays for shipping to us, We pay for shipping back via UPS Ground! (U.S. Domestic 48, HAWAII and ALASKA) Turn Around Time: 14-21 business days. (Most Cases)

Please Note*
Please do not ship us damaged lipo batteries.

Our techs are very good and can fix almost everything. In the event that we cannot make repairs, we will not charge the customer. (Minus Shipping Costs). We will then contact the customer and send the phantom back or send to the DJI techs in Los Angeles, California. Drone Services Hawaii cannot be held responsible for any future issues or parts that may fail. We will also not be held liable for any crashes. By purchasing this repair service, you agree to these terms. This service is for customers in the USA only. If you are sending in your phantom please include your remote controller. 


All parts that need to be replaced must be confirmed via email.