About Us

Drone Services Hawaii is setting out to be the premier retailer of drone products and services in the Hawaiian Islands. We are dedicated drone and UAS owners and enthusists who want to specialize providing great prices, rapid sales and service. We are authorized retailers of DJI.  Our mission is simple, we want to provide high quality drone products and services for personal, professional, commercial and government use. You the customer are our number one priority.

We are a veteran owned business and have multiple combat tours with over 34 yrs of combined service.

Drones are not what you think. Our products provide a capability to see the world as never before at a much lower cost and in areas that were at times inaccessible. Drone Services Hawaii wants to promote the safe and responsible use of the personal drone products that we sell to the public. Drones for personal use give a new meaning to the Hawaii vacation. Individual use of drones to take photos and video gives a vantage point once reserved for those that could afford a helicopter flight. Now you can make your own spectacular photos and movies of Hawaii the way it is meant to be seen. Drone Services Hawaii is partnering with a number of organizations that promote safe flight. We will also offer training events to get you started.

Drone Services Hawaii will offer a local repair facility on the island of Lana’i. We are trying to encourage our youth with high tech jobs for local people. We can offer rapid turn around for repairs vice the current options available.

Drone Services Hawaii will provide custom drone products and services to Emergency services agencies and organizations and the TV and movie industry here in the islands. We can provide payload packages that allow for improved analysis of agriculture that help improve crop yields and reduce pesticide use. Aerial archeology is an area where our universities doing sensitive survey and mapping of Native Hawaiian and Polynesian sites and organizations such as the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) could benefit from low cost lightweight platforms that are transportable to remote areas. Aerial geology allows a low cost airborne platform to take highly detailed land measurements for earthquake fault analysis or active volcano monitoring. Industrial survey of bridges, wind turbines, solar panel fields, power line insulators, communication towers and buildings can be done with a high degree of accuracy and tremendous cost savings. Open source 3D mapping technology is now available to drone platforms allowing high detail maps to be made for land surveys constructions site analysis or post tsunami/hurricane events. Use by fire rescue and civil defense for rapid assessment of a fire, lost persons or natural disaster reduce costs, save lives, put fewer rescuers at risk and provide a rapid airborne assessment tool at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter ($9000-12,000/hr) vice a low cost drone which only requires batteries. Even areas such as rapid crime scene investigation / motor vehicle accident investigation are all possible with drones. Drones save money and put fewer people at risk.

If you have any questions as to the types of services we can provide please contact us.