FireFly6 Pro

$ 6,049.00

Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 and Gimbaled FLIR Vue payloads shipping to US locations only.

* Additional payload options can be found on our Payloads page, as well as a list of future offerings on our Coming Soon! page.

** Long Range Video Link package includes TBS Unify 800mW transmitter, TBS Groundstation with battery, and Yagi antenna. Plug-n-play with your FireFLY6 PRO!

*** Upgraded Battery Charging System includes 30A power supply and Thunder Power TP820HVC multicharger for fast charging of a set of flight batteries, indoors or outdoors. 



Option 1: Sony a6000 w/16mm lens

Option 2: MicaSense RedEdge (3-months ATLAS Basic included)

Option 3: Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 (Long Range Video Link Included)

Option 4: Gimbaled FLIR Vue (Long Range Video Link Included)

Option 5: Sony a6000 w/16mm lens and Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 (Long Range Video Link )

Option 6: Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 (Long Range Video Link Included) and Gimbaled FLIR Vue (Long Range Video Link Included)

Option 7: Sony a6000 w16mm lens & MicaSense RedEdge (3-months ATLAS Basic included)

Option 8: Sony a6000 w 16mm lens, MicaSense RedEdge (3-months ATLAS Basic included), Gimbaled GoPro HERO4 (Long Range Video Link Included), Gimbaled FLIR Vue (Long Range Video Link Included)


With a wide variety of quick-release plug-n-play payloads and advanced features like Smart Wind Assist, Boat Mode and Intelligent 3-Axis Gimbal Control, the FireFLY6 PRO is ready for all of the most common commercial jobs. Best of all, the FireFLY6 PRO can be reconfigured quickly in the field to meet the changing needs of your diverse clientele. Why bother with multiple platforms when you can have it all in one?


The FireFLY6 was meticulously designed and iterated upon and has proven itself through thousands of hours of internal torture tests and external customer flights. We are constantly putting cycles on production birds in "marathon testing," with our latest series at well over two hundred flights without significant maintenance actionClick here to follow the continuing adventures of FT-4 (Faith).


Out of the box ready to work: the FireFLY6 PRO's unique VTOL capabilities, long flight times, proven reliability, and amazing operational flexibility make it the ultimate platform for the professional aerobot operator. Welcome to the Revolution.

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