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Boston Dynamics Spot

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The Boston Dynamics Spot is being offered through dealers only and cannot be purchased online.  If you are interested in ordering a Boston Dynamics Spot or would like more information please contact us by clicking here.

Spot is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently.

The results? Safer, more efficient and more predictable operations.

Spot Enterprise is designed to fully automate sensing and inspection of remote or hazardous environments. The robot comes equipped with self-charging capabilities and a dock, allowing it to perform longer inspection or data collection missions with no human interaction. In addition to the basic capabilities Spot Explorer has, the Spot Enterprise package leverages upgraded hardware to further improve safety, communications, and behavior on remote sites.

Spot Docks with an Enterprise Spot to facilitate long missions on remote sites. With built-in dock detection, Spot will return home to charge at the push of a button or call of a program, without any other operator directions.

Spot Arm helps you use the robot to perform real, physical work in human-centric environments. Equipped to operate through both semi-autonomous actions or telemanipulation, the arm will open doors, pick, push, place, or drag objects, and maneuver new situations at the push of a button or swipe of a screen.

Please contact us to learn more.