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BirdsEyeView Aerobotics is proud to introduce the FireFLY6 with AvA Onboard

A long range flying wing with powerful vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, the FireFLY6 is a next generation aerobotics platform combining the efficiency of forward flight, the maneuverability of a multicopter, and the reliability of an elegant single-controller autopilot. This unique blend of features makes the FireFLY6 the perfect solution for a wide range of applications: mapping, agriculture, powerline/pipeline monitoring, package delivery, aerial videography, FPV, and good old fashioned remote control fun, to name a few.

Say hello to the FireFLY6 with AvA Onboard. Welcome to the Revolution.




BirdsEyeView Aerobotics is proud to introduce AvA: Advanced VTOL Autonomy for the FireFLY6.  AvA is flight control firmware, designed for the PX4hawk autopilot, that gracefully handles the FireFLY6 in all regimes – takeoff to landing.  Flight mode transitions from hover to forward flight (and back) are fully AvA-controlled, making transitions a simple matter of flicking a switch.  No special radio programming or piloting techniques required.

AvA also enables fully-scripted autonomous operations, where all flight behavior (including transitions) can be preplanned using map-based point-and-click commands in our custom interface, FireFLY6 Planner.

AvA is available in three different flavors, defined by your choice of key.  AvA keys unlock different levels of functionality, each level aimed at a specific user group: Sport, Pro, and Mapping.

Say hello to the FireFLY6 with AvA Onboard.  Welcome to the Revolution.




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