Drone Services Hawaii Partners with Propeller Drone Data October 27, 2015 09:51

The biggest issue with collecting of drone data is, "what do I do with it now?" Propeller is a new cloud based software tool that has a wide variety of tool sets for consumers to utilize in the processing of information that is usable and accessible all while managing storage and pay per use credit system without the burden of software licensing and training. Drone Services Hawaii is proud to partner with Propeller in offering this tool set to the public.

Platform Features:

In browser viewing of Orthophotos and terrain, in 3D, streamed on demand
Interactive volumetric measurements, both absolute as well as relative measurements between sequential data sets.
KML/GeoJSON/SHP/Contour linework superimposed on imagery
Unlimited users and usage of the platform - no "per seat licensing", no monthly usage cap.
Downloadable formats for use in traditional desktop software packages (AutoDesk, Surpac etc)
Formats and resolutions are specified before flight and can include; DXF, FBX, JPG, TIF, KML, KMZ, LAS/LAZ/PLY/ASCII (raw point clouds). More available on request
Ability to brand the platform with the logo and color palette of your business, including a custom login portal and domain address.
Powerful high-resolution tool for asset inspection
Fortnightly updates to platform with upgrades, fixes and new features
24-hour turnaround from data being received to live on platform

If you are interested in using and purchasing block credits then visit us at and look for Propeller Drone Data Platform on the top bar.


Hawaii Drone Professionals Meeting September 25, 2015 20:52

26 Sept 2015 Drone Services Hawaii will host the first Hawaii Drone Professionals Meeting at the Treetops in Manoa. 

The intent of the meeting is to bring together a community for the future of Hawaii and build a high-tech industry right here in Hawaii. It's a first start but the future is so bright for the state.